Company Relocation

In 2013, Huzhou Zhongrui Cleaning Co., Ltd. was officially established. It mainly produces stainless steel seamless bright tubes. The first factory is located in Changxing County Industrial Park, Huzhou City.

The factory covers an area of 8,000 square meters and has complete production lines and inspection equipment. After 5 years of continuous improvement and innovation, customers have changed from knowing Zhongrui to understanding Zhongrui, and now they trust Zhongrui very much. It is the 100% trust and support of customers that can make Zhongrui successfully reach the top of the industry enterprise.

In 2021, in order to meet the large demand of customers and expand production capacity, Zhongrui invested in the establishment of a second factory building in Shuanglin Town, Nanxun District, Huzhou City. The total area of the factory exceeds 10,000 square meters. 

In 2022, we moved to a new factory building and invited a large number of customers and enterprises in the industry to celebrate together. It was an amazing day.


In the second plant, Zhongrui has added a complete production line and inspection equipment, and at the same time invited well-known technical personnel in the industry to factory for guidance. At the same time, Zhongrui set up a warehouse to store a large number of bright tubes of common specifications for the urgent needs of customers to ensure timely delivery, which has been well evaluated by customers.


In order to make sure the cleaning packing, Zhongrui set up cleaning room as ISO 14644-1  Class 5. Workers must wear protective clothing and protective gloves to ensure the cleanliness of the room and the pipes.


There is completely production line at both of plants. The capacity has been large increased that the monthly production is about 200 ton. Annual sales is about 150 million.

Zhongrui Company continues to focus on the interests of customers, continuously improves quality and expands the market, allowing the company to enjoy a higher evaluation at home and abroad

Post time: Jun-10-2023