EP Tube

EP tube is one of the company's main products. Its main process is to electrolytically polish the inner surface of the tube on the basis of bright tubes.

It is a cathode, and the two poles are simultaneously immersed in the electrolytic cell with a voltage of 2-25 volts. The action of the current causes a strong chemical reaction and selective anodic dissolution. Usually, the highest point of the metal surface is first dissolved during electropolishing, so as to achieve the effect of increasing the surface brightness of the workpiece.

The key factors of electropolishing include the temperature of the electrolyte, the amplitude of the cathode (the distance between the cathode and the workpiece to be polished), the concentration of the acid solution, and the electrolysis time. Under normal circumstances, the length of time for the electrolyzed substance to be soaked in the electrolytic tank is determined according to the characteristics of the workpiece being thrown. in a short time was taken out.

Electropolishing can increase the corrosion resistance of the surface of stainless steel pipes and ensure consistent internal and external color; electropolishing can reveal visually detected surface defects, which can effectively reduce the internal surface area of stainless steel, increase surface smoothness, and facilitate the realization of equipment Fast and efficient cleaning and effective removal of surface protrusions caused by mechanical polishing that can cause iron oxidation and discoloration.

Electropolishing removes free iron ions on the surface, which helps to increase the Cr/Fe ratio on the surface, enhance the passivation protection layer, and reduce the risk of red rust in the system. Electrolytic polishing is smoother and flatter than mechanical polishing. Therefore, "ASME BPE" requires that the thickness of the passivation layer of electrolytic polishing should not be less than 15Å.

Zhongrui adopts ultrasonic chemical cleaning to meet the requirements of ASTM G93 or SEMI E49.6. After the ultra-clean tube is cleaned by 18MΩ deionized ultrapure water, the purified tube is blown with high-purity nitrogen gas of 99.999%, filled in the tube, and packaged in a clean room.

At the same time, Zhongrui built an ISO14644-1 Class 5 dust-free clean room in the second factory for packaging EP tubes.

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Zhongrui's electrolytic polishing production line has passed the test and has been mass-produced and supplied to domestic and foreign countries. The company plans to increase the production line and expand the production of EP pipes.

At present, the specifications of EP pipes produced by Zhongrui range from O.D1/4"-40A, the implementation standard is in accordance with ASTM269, and the inner surface roughness can reach below Ra0.25um. There are many industries in the Chinese market, such as semiconductor industry, laboratory, solar energy The production industry and foreign markets are also expanding, such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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Post time: Jul-10-2023