What Is Surface Finish? What does 3.2 surface finish mean?

Before we go into the surface finish chart, let’s understand what surface finish entails.
Surface finish refers to the process of altering a metal’s surface that involves removing, adding, or reshaping. It is a measure of the complete texture of a product’s surface that is defined by three characteristics of surface roughness, waviness and lay.

The surface roughness is the measure of the total spaced irregularities on the surface. Whenever machinists talk about “surface finish,” they often refer to surface roughness.
Waviness refers to the warped surface whose spacing is greater than that of surface roughness length. And lay refers to the direction the predominant surface pattern takes. Machinists often determine the lay by the methods used for the surface.



What does 3.2 surface finish mean

A 32 surface finish, also known as a 32 RMS finish or a 32 microinch finish, refers to the surface roughness of a material or product. It is a measurement of the average height variations or deviations in the surface texture. In the case of a 32 surface finish, the height variations are typically around 32 microinches (or 0.8 micrometers). It indicates a relatively smooth surface with fine texture and minimal imperfections. The lower the number, the finer and smoother the surface finish.

What is RA 0.2 surface finish

RA 0.2 surface finish refers to a specific measurement of surface roughness. "RA" stands for Roughness Average, which is a parameter used to quantify the roughness of a surface. The value "0.2" represents the roughness average in micrometers (µm). In other words, a surface finish with an RA value of 0.2 µm indicates a very smooth and fine surface texture. This type of surface finish is typically achieved through precision machining or polishing processes. 

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 Standard  Internal Roughness  External Roughness  Hardness max 
ASTM A269  Ra ≤ 0.25μm  Ra ≤ 0.50μm  90

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