Weld Fittings (Bright Annealed & Electropolished)

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We can supply Elbow , Tee etc. The material is 316L with BA grade and EP grade.

● 1/4 in to 2 in. (10A to 50A)

● 316L stainless steel materials

● Grade: BA Grade , EP Grade

●  Fittings for manual or automatic welding equipment

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Product Introduction

These pipe fittings are manufactured to restricted thread tolerances and feature rolled male threads which provide an ease of installation and less likelihood of galling.

NPT thread (female NPT and male NPT), SAE thread, and BSP thread (BSPP and BSPT) end connections are available; and weld fittings include tube socket weld, pipe socket weld, and butt weld. JIC 37° flare (AN) fittings and adapters are also available.

Quality Assurance

Our policy is to provide excellent customer support and service while being dedicated to manufacturing an high quality product. Through every process, form manufacturing to technical support, each team member strives to maintain our quality standards.


Our tube fitting are manufactured to be completely interchangeable with other leading tube fitting manufacturers. Thesting and the exceptional quality of the products assure 100% reliability when intermixing component parts of compatible makes and brands.


The choice of fitting, pipe, and tubing material being welded is critical . Using the same materials will ensure the same coefficients of expansion and will reduce the possibility of poor welds, out-of-roundness, or dimensional changes that are detrimental to a good weld .

Wall Thickness

The wall thickness selection should be based on the operating pressure, temperature, and shock conditions.

Tube Selection

Tubing selection is essential to the performance of a tubing systeam. Consider a systems pressure, flow, temperature, environment, and compatibility with the process fluids when choosing the tubing material, size, and wall thickness.



We has been concentrating on sustaining research & development, quality improvement and stable technology in high purity products to take a technical superiority of Semiconductor equipments, PDP and LCD equipments in 21st century

2)Chemical & Petrochemical

Our products have been recognized by providing reliable products to Fluid & Control System in Chemical & Petrochemical industry to measure the pressure, flow and temperature.

3) Power Plant

We provides Fittings to Fluid & Control System in Hydro/Thermal, Combined Cycle, Nuclear & Desalination Plant and keeps on the reputation through the acquisition of ASME Nuclear Quality System Certificate.

4) Oil & Gas

Our Fittings are applied to Fluid & Control System in LNG Carriers and other vessels .

Certificate Of Honor


ISO9001/2015 Standard


ISO 45001/2018 Standard


PED Certificate


TUV Hydrogen compatibility test certificate

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