Stainless Steel Seamless Coiled Tube

Short Description:

We have been providing the seamless coil tubes to shipbuding ,plant ,oil & gas industries. Coil tube will solve many problems. Coil tube will reduce the welding times and the problems by the bad welds. Requires less fittings and orbital welds, reducing defects and failures.

Coil tube has better corrosion resistance than other products with good internal roughness and cleanness by applying BA heat treatment.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Steel Products

TP316/316L, , S31803, S32750, etc

Applicable Standards

ASTM A269/A213

Product Features

- We can produce 80~250 meters without welding.

- BA Heat Treatment

Certificate Of Honor


ISO9001/2015 Standard


ISO 45001/2018 Standard


PED Certificate


TUV Hydrogen compatibility test certificate

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